2022 Season Recap – Nesting

Our 2022 Season (May – October) has come to a close. We’d like to take some time to reflect on our season and provide some figures and facts that may be of interest.

This year we had 44 nests and 28 false crawls (a non-nesting emergence).

Of the 44 nests, 42 were made by loggerheads and 2 by greens. Of the 28 false crawls, 27 were loggerheads and one was a green. Our 2022 nests spanned the entire 18 mile stretch of our beach from Moonspinner Condos on the east end to Pinnacle Port Condos on the west end.

PCB Turtle Watch has been monitoring since 1991 and while this was not the most nests in a season on our beach, it is in the top 7 years (the most nests in a season was 57 in 2017) and was significantly more than the 27 nests laid in 2021.

Stay tuned for more data points/facts about our 2022 season.

Pictured: Nest 44, a Green sea turtle nest; greens often nest near or in the dunes