Nest information for the 2024 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found. Table includes date laid, date hatched, eggs laid, hatchlings emerged, number disoriented by lights, incubation duration and species (Cc=loggerhead, Cm=green, Dc=leatherback, UNK=unknown).

NestAddressDate LaidDate HatchedIncubation (days)CommentsAdopted by
1Majestic Condos, 10901 Front Beach RdMay 13Melissa Taylor had the closest predictions for this first nest
2Pirates Cove, 23001 Front Beach RdMay 16
3Townhouse, 17467 Front Beach RdMay 20
A/BHouse, 21304 Front Beach Rdnanana4 instrumented research sites (no eggs), gates unlocked