Nest information for the 2010 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found.

NestAddressMovedDate LaidDate HatchedEggs LaidTurtles EmergedDisorientedIncubation (days)Species
1Surfside Christian Retreat, 21429 Front Beach RdNo25-MayUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
2Escapes to Tropical Breeze Resort, 17001 Front Beach RdNo5-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
3House, 13205 Oleander DrNo9-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
4House, 354 Beachside DrNo14-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
5House, 13309 Oleander DrYes15-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
6Dunes of Panama Condo, 7205 Thomas Dr, between bld B&CYes16-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
7Watercrest Condo, 6201 Thomas DrNo17-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
8Grand Cayman Motel, 21905 Front Beach RdNo19-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
9House, 16601 Front Beach RdYes23-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
10House, 21803 Front Beach RdNo27-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
11Beachcomber Motel, 17101 Front Beach RdYes8-Jul3-Sep91878758CC
12House, 19516 Front Beach RdNo10-Jul5-Sep9484058CC
13Townhouse, 7817 Surf DrNo10-Jul7-Sep78292260CC
14House, 13800 Front Beach RdYes20-Jul13-Sep9188056CC
15House, 17807 Front Beach RdNo31-Jul3-Oct8886065CC
16Beachside West Condo, 17927 Front Beach RdNo6-Aug20-Oct14582076CC