Nest information for the 2016 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found.

NestAddressMovedDate LaidDate HatchedEggs LaidTurtles EmergedDisorientedIncubation (days)Species
1House, 14118 Front Beach RdYes26-May28-Jul11510010064CC
2House, 19214 Front Beach RdYes27-May26-Jul77767461CC
3Moonspinner Condo, 4425 Thomas DrNo31-MayUNK11800UNKCC
4House, 9800 Beach BlvdNo4-Jun6-Aug62UNKsome64CC
5House, 19404 Front Beach RdYes5-Jun3-Aug10510210160CC
6House, 14006 Front Beach RdNo9-Jun10-Aug11094063CC
7Emerald Isles Condo, 17545 Front Beach RdNo10-Jun6-Aug9589>5058CC
8Dunes of Panama Condo, 7205 Thomas DrNo11-Jun7-Aug10292UNK59CC
9Runaway Island Restaurant, 14521 Front Beach RdNo15-Jun15-Aug103713362CC
10Moonspinner Condo, 4425 Thomas DrNo17-Jun9-Aug124111>1454CC
11Gulf Crest Condo, 8715 Surf DrNo18-Jun20-Aug10710510564CC
12Dunes of Panama Condo, 7205 Thomas DrYes18-Jun14-Aug113104858CC
13Ramsgate Condo, 23011 Front Beach RdNo21-Jun14-Aug9287055CC
14Tidewater Beach Resort, 16819 Front Beach RdYes22-Jun21-Aug92888861CC
15House, 19987 Front Beach RdNo22-Jun13-Aug87858553CC
16Days Inn, 12818 Front Beach RdNo24-Jun22-Aug111403860CC
17House, 17883 Front Beach RdNo25-JunUNKUNK00UNKCC
18House, 20609 Front Beach RdNo25-JunUNKUNK00UNKCC
19Townhouse, 6805 Gulf DrNo26-JunUNKUNK00UNKCC
20Sugar Sands Motel, 20723 Front Beach RdNo29-Jun25-Aug111262058CC
21House, 286 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachYes1-Jul25-Aug96959356CC
22House, 400 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo2-Jul24-Aug86848454CC
23Vacant lot, 17851 Front Beach RdYes3-Jul25-Aug97787354CC
24Boardwalk Beach Resort, 9500 S. Thomas DrNo4-Jul31-Aug70696959CC
25House, 22221 Front Beach RdYes4-Jul30-Aug91635558CC
26House, 382 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo5-Jul30-Aug10110110157CC
27House, 382 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo5-Jul28-Aug78706956CC
28House, 22219 Front Beach RdNo6-JulUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
29Condo, 22803 Front Beach RdNo6-JulUNK12000UNKCC
30Holiday Terrace Motel, 11831 Front Beach RdNo7-JulUNK15UNKUNKUNKCC
31Grandview East Condo, 10713 Front Beach RdNo9-JulUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
32House, 8207 Surf DrNo9-Jul4-Sep95919158CC
33Grandview East Condo, 10713 Front Beach RdNo13-JulUNK50UNKUNKUNKCC
34House, 19816 Front Beach RdYes13-Jul10-Sep9387760CC
35House, 400 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo13-JulUNK105UNKUNKUNKCC
36Townhouse, 17477 Front Beach RdYes14-Jul13-Sep122113662CC
37House, 408 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo15-Jul12-Sep2817UNK60CC
38Long Beach Resort 10511 FBR, west sideNo16-JulUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
39Townhouse, 21000 Front Beach RdYes17-Jul8-Sep131108057CC
40House, 308 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo17-JulUNK59UNKUNKUNKCC
41Shores Condo, 22519 Front Beach RdYes18-Jul13-Sep8165058CC
42House, 22101 Front Beach RdNo19-Jul17-Sep8639UNK60CC
43House, 22605 Front Beach RdNo13-JunUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
44Dunes of Panama Condo, 7205 Thomas DrNo23-JulUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
45Days Inn, 12818 Front Beach RdYes24-Jul19-Sep92644258CC
46House, 6617 Gulf DrNo24-JulUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC
47House, 4823 Spyglass DrNo27-Jul28-Sep122101UNK64CC
48Ramsgate Condo, 23011 Front Beach RdYes27-Jul22-Sep107979558CC
49Townhouse, 22513 Front Beach RdNo30-JulUNK9500UNKCC
50Pelican Walk Condo, 6905 Thomas DrNo1-Aug4-Oct11074UNK65CC
51Carousel Store, 19440 Front Beach RdYes2-Aug2-Oct1083UNK62CC
52Beachcomber by the Sea Motel, 17101 Front Beach RdYes5-Aug7-Oct839UNK64CC
53Chateau Motel, 12525 Front Beach RdNoUNK4-Aug10183>15UNKCC
54House, 22115 Front Beach RdNo8-Aug11-Oct119444465CC
55Moondrifter Condo, 8817 South Thomas DrNo19-AugUNKUNKUNKUNKUNKCC