Nest information for the 2013 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found.

NestAddressMovedDate LaidDate HatchedEggs LaidTurtles EmergedDisorientedIncubation (days)Species
1House, 21619 Front Beach RdYes23-MayUNK13900UNKCC
2Pelican Walk Condo 6905 Thomas DrNo28-MayUNK10900UNKCC
3Pineapple Beach Villas, 19979 Front Beach RdYes3-Jun5-Aug136979764CC
4Paradise Palms Motel, 12907 Front Beach RdYes4-Jun11-Aug88828270CC
5Tropic Winds Condo, 17643 Front Beach RdYes4-Jun13-Aug69645571CC
6Moonspinner Condo, 4425 Thomas DrNo11-Jun16-Aug85777767CC
7Beachside Resort, 21905 Front Beach RdYes14-Jun16-Aug117868664CC
8House, 104 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachYes17-Jun21-Aug12962066CC
9House, 21010 Front Beach RdYes18-Jun27-Aug115746671CC
10Schooner's, 5121 Gulf DrYes19-JunUNK8000UNKCC
11Summerwinds Condo, 6323 Thomas DrNo23-Jun29-Aug77424268CC
12House, 4723 Spyglass DrYes24-Jun30-Aug124115568CC
13House, 16917 Front Beach RdNo26-JunUNKUNKUNK0UNKCC
14Emerald Isles Condo, 17545 Front Beach RdYes27-Jun28-Aug123939362CC
15Thomas Donut & Snack Shop, 19208 Front Beach RdYes27-Jun3-Sep88867670CC
16Lollye on the Beach Condo, 8507 Surf DrNo29-JunUNK13400UNKCC
17House, 13227 Oleander DrNo30-JunUNK9600UNKCC
18House, 5623 Gulf DrNo8-Jul8-Sep71383663CC
19Townhouse, 21000 Front Beach RdNo8-Jul11-Sep9286266CC
20Shores Condo, 22519 Front Beach RdNo9-JulUNK593UNKUNKCC
21House, 19600 Front Beach RdNo12-Jul16-Sep9891067CC
22House, 13708 Front Beach RdYes14-Jul16-Sep105929165CC
23Beach Tower Resort Motel, 12001 Front Beach RdYes16-Jul14-Sep1231072861CC
24Regency Condo, 5801 Thomas DrYes19-Jul12-Sep107797956CC
25Townhouse, 7901 Surf DrNo20-Jul25-Sep81646268CC
26Blue Horizon Retreat, 19016 Front Beach RdYes21-Jul19-Sep87533861CC
27Landmark Condo, 17501 Front Beach RdNo23-Jul29-Sep93765869CC
28Townhouse, 7831 Surf DrNo23-Jul26-Sep12211211266CC
29Seaside Villas Condo, 4701 Thomas DrYes23-Jul26-Sep91868665CC
30House, 4914 Spyglass DrNo24-Jul25-Sep129767664CC
31Sugar Sands Motel, 20723 Front Beach RdNoUNKUNK780UNKUNKCC
32House, 22115 Front Beach RdYes31-Jul2-Oct109904066CC
33House, 8223 Surf DrNo3-Aug12-Oct74514871CC
34Pirates Cove Villas, 23001 Front Beach RdYes3-Aug7-Oct76713166CC
35Legacy by the Sea Condo, 15325 Front Beach RdNoUNKUNK6200UNKCC
36Latitude 29 Condo, 21703 Front Beach RdNo23-Aug1-Nov89643771CC
37House, 14204 Front Beach Rd, Bid-a-Wee BeachNo30-Jun12-Sep10931075CM
38House, 13403 Oleander DrNo11-Jul14-Sep123121066CM
39Polynesian Village Condo, 16621 Front Beach RdNo26-Jul29-Sep1221126766CM