Nest information for the 2023 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found. Table includes date laid, date hatched, eggs laid, hatchlings emerged, number disoriented by lights, incubation duration and species (Cc=loggerhead, Cm=green, UNK=unknown).

NoAddressMovedDate LaidDate HatchedEggs LaidTurtles EmergedDisorientedIncubation (days)Species
1House, 22339 Front Beach RdNo12-May29-Jul126104379Cc
2Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo13-May21-Jul15114214270Cc
3Osprey Motel, 15801 Front Beach RdNo29-May31-Jul1551531764Cc
4House, 5407 Gulf DrNo29-May5-Aug105917869Cc
5House, 20816 Front Beach RdNo4-Jun9-Aug98704667Cc
6House, 318 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo4-Jun8-Aug89817665Cc
7House, 22115 Front Beach RdNo8-Jun13-Aug9214766Cc
8Runaway Island Restaurant, 14521 Front Beach RdNo12-JunUNK12600UNKCc
9Sugar Sands Motel, 20723 Front Beach RdNo13-Jun16-Aug8572065Cc
10Vacant, 20825 Front Beach Rd (intersection of FBR and Buena Vista Ave)No15-JunUNK1342UNKUNKCc
11Edgewater Beach Resort, 11212 Front Beach RdNo17-Jun16-Aug97949461Cc
12Lollye on the Beach Motel, 8507 Surf DrNo17-Jun18-Aug11210810863Cc
13House, 22005 Front Beach RdNo19-Jun14-Aug11310410457Cc
14Largo Mar Condo, 5717 Thomas DrYes21-Jun15-Aug85797955Cc
15House, 21208 Front Beach RdNo24-Jun24-Aug112107062Cc
16Aqua Resort, 15625 Front Beach RdNo25-Jun19-Aug10610110156Cc
17House, 6619 Gulf DrNo26-JunUNKUNK00UNKCc
18House, 21515 Front Beach RdNo26-Jun24-Aug137129060Cm
19En Soleil Condo, 7505 Thomas DrNo28-Jun28-Aug8683662Cc
20Sugar Beach Condo, 8727 Thomas DrNo1-Jul1-Sep147136UNK62Cm
21Hidden Dunes Condo, 7115 Thomas DrNo1-Jul25-Aug71707056Cc
22Chateau Motel, 12525 Front Beach RdNo4-Jul29-Aug131855056Cc
23House, 18920 Front Beach RdNo6-Jul29-Aug126123054Cm
24Seaside Villas, 4701 Thomas DrNo6-JulUNK8300UNKCc
25House, 6701 Gulf DrNo7-JulUNK8910UNKCc
26Bel Air Condo, 8511 Surf DrNo9-JulUNK9300UNKCc
27House, 17817 Front Beach RdNo9-JulUNK10000UNKCc
28The Shores Condo, 22519 Front Beach RdNo9-JulUNK12800UNKCc
29Coral Reef Condo, 6609 Thomas DrNo12-JulUNK11800UNKCc
30Long Beach Resort, 10511 Front Beach RdNo13-Jul10-Sep1342259Cc
31Beachside Resort, 21905 Front Beach RdNo14-JulUNK9310UNKCc
32Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo16-JulUNK9200UNKCc
33Boardwalk Beach Hotel and Convention Center, 9600 S Thomas DrNo19-JulUNK9400UNKCc
34House, 20816 Front Beach RdNo19-Jul12-Sep146129UNK55Cm
35Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo19-Jul9-Sep1271141552Cm
36Fontainebleau Terrace, 14401 Front Beach RdNo20-JulUNKUNK00UNKCc
37House, 17799 Front Beach RdNo24-JulUNK8500UNKCc
38Harbur Arms Condo, 19947 Front Beach RdNo25-JulUNK12600UNKCm
39The Shores Condo, 22519 Front Beach RdNo29-Jul22-Sep1591477455Cm
40Surf Club Condo, 8517 Surf DrNo31-Jul29-Sep97302861Cc
41Aqua Vista Condo, 17155 Front Beach RdNo31-Jul30-Sep9019861Cc
42Pineapple Villas, 19979 Front Beach RdNo5-AugUNK8900UNKCc
43House, 21018 Front Beach RdNo7-AugUNK10750UNKCc
44Palazzo Condo, 17281 Front Beach RdNo8-Aug5-Oct156645158Cm
45Townhouse, 22813 Front Beach RdNo10-Aug5-Oct92581056Cm
46Bennett's Reef Hotel, 15201 Front Beach RdNoUNK23-AugUNKUNKUNKUNKCc