Nest information for the 2015 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found. Map symbols courtesy of Maps Icon Collection

NestAddressMovedDate LaidDate HatchedEggs LaidTurtles EmergedDisorientedIncubation (days)Species
1Townhouse, 22405 Front Beach RdNo21-Apr11-Jul1261046382CC
2Beachside Resort, 21905 Front Beach RdNo12-May24-Jul6956174CC
3Seascape Inn, 14929 Front Beach RdYes18-May22-Jul13512411766CC
4House, 21312 Front Beach RdNo27-May30-Jul153135665CC
5House, 19989 Front Beach RdNo28-May1-Aug122592066CC
6Whispering Seas Condo, 8610 Surf DrNo2-Jun9-Aug73686869CC
7Beachcomber by the Sea Motel, 17101 Front Beach RdNo3-JunUNK9100UNKCC
8House, 5135 Gulf DrNo4-Jun29-Jul96901856CC
9Palazzo Condo, 17281 Front Beach RdNo7-Jun8-Aug8173063CC
10House, 8208 Surf DrNo8-JunUNK9200UNKCC
11House, 21018 Front Beach RdNo10-JunUNK10000UNKCC
12Harpoon Harry's, 12627 Front Beach RdYes15-Jun7-Aug105848454CC
13Days Inn, 12818 Front Beach RdYes17-Jun12-Aug69686857CC
14House, 16407 Front Beach RdNo17-Jun19-Aug126115064CC
15Sterling Beach Condo, 6627 Thomas DrNo18-Jun14-Aug9887058CC
16Moonspinner Condo, 4425 Thomas DrNo19-Jun17-Aug8772060CC
17Edgewater Beach Resort, 11212 Front Beach RdNo21-Jun19-Aug94695560CC
18Townhouse, 17327 Front Beach RdNo21-Jun21-Aug109712962CC
19House, 21000 Front Beach RdYes21-JunUNK10900UNKCC
20Aquavista Condo, 17155 Front Beach RdNo22-Jun21-Aug10898061CC
21Palazzo Condo, 17281 Front Beach RdNo23-Jun22-Aug8168061CC
22House, 21320 Front Beach RdNo23-Jun24-Aug113100063CC
23Laguna Beach Christian Retreat, 20016 Front Beach RdNo24-Jun27-Aug7211065CC
24House, 6715 Gulf DrYes25-Jun21-Aug8480758CC
25Townhouse, 22425 Front Beach RdNo25-Jun25-Aug10383062CC
26Townhouse, 17135 Front Beach RdNo25-Jun28-Aug6526765CC
27House, 6617 Gulf DrNo25-Jun21-Aug98949158CC
28Townhouse, 17327 Front Beach RdNo26-Jun26-Aug9184562CC
29House, 19300 Front Beach RdNo27-Jun29-Aug8772464CC
30House, 6709 Gulf DrNo29-Jun26-Aug10296059CC
31Regency Condo, 5801 Thomas DrNo30-Jun26-Aug126116058CC
32Majestic Beach Resort, 10901 Front Beach RdNo1-Jul29-Aug88171260CC
33House, 19008 Front Beach RdYes2-Jul23-Aug80582253CC
34Townhouse, 8517 Surf DrNo4-Jul8-Sep102959267CC
35Blue Horizon Lodge, 19016 Front Beach RdYes4-Jul3-Sep934162CC
36Aquavista Condo, 17155 Front Beach RdNo7-Jul2-Sep11476158CC
37Landmark Condo, 17501 Front Beach RdNo8-Jul6-Sep91785461CC
38Townhouse, 20647 Front Beach RdNo9-Jul7-Sep10590961CC
39Splash Condo, 17739 Front Beach RdNo16-Jul10-Sep97898957CC
40En Soleil Resort, 7509 Thomas DrYes17-Jul15-Sep75282861CC
41House, 344 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo17-Jul17-Sep99949663CC
42Carousel Store, 19440 Front Beach RdNo20-Jul14-Sep89777757CC
43Casa Loma Motel, 13615 Front Beach RdYes22-Jul21-Sep87757462CC
44House, 17757 Front Beach RdYes23-Jul19-Sep1211039959CC
45Sunnyside Beach and Tennis Resort, 22400 Front Beach RdNo23-JulUNK10600UNKCC
46Sunrise Beach Condo, 14825 Front Beach RdNo24-Jul25-Sep106757564CC
47Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo24-Jul23-Sep112107162CC
48House, 338 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachYes11-Aug16-Oct99909067CC
49Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNoUNKUNK600UNKCC
50House, 8318 Surf DrNo15-JunUNK10200UNKDC
51House, 13403 Oleander DrNo25-JunUNK11600UNKDC
52House, 21507 Front Beach RdNo3-JulUNK11200UNKDC
53House, 280 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo11-JulUNK10800UNKDC