Nest information for the 2012 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found. Map symbols courtesy of Maps Icon Collection

NestAddressMovedDate LaidDate HatchedEggs LaidTurtles EmergedDisorientedIncubation (days)Species
1Origin at Seahaven, 15100 Front Beach RdYes17-MayUNK850UNKUNKCC
2House, 13221 Oleander Dr, access 47Yes23-May2-Aug9388072CC
3Splash Condo, 17729 Front Beach RdYes29-May22-Jul8075UNK55CC
4House, 21803 Front Beach RdNo29-MayUNK9700UNKCC
5House, 22221 Front Beach RdYes4-Jun8-Aug107989866CC
6Chateau Motel, 12525 Front Beach RdYes5-Jun10-Aug97909067CC
7Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo5-Jun3-Aug100484860CC
8Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdYes5-Jun9-Aug124707066CC
9Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort, 11127 Front Beach RdNo5-JunUNK160UNKUNKCC
10House, 21507 Front Beach RdNo6-JunUNK2611UNKUNKCC
11Townhouse, 17927 Front Beach RdYes7-Jun14-Aug97797969CC
12House, 318 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachYes9-Jun14-Aug9882UNK67CC
13Summerwinds Condo, 6323 Thomas DrYes10-Jun13-Aug104100065CC
14House, 4805 Spyglass DrNo10-Jun16-Aug62373668CC
15Townhouse, 8015 Surf DrNo11-JunUNK460UNKUNKCC
16Long Beach Resort 10511 FBR, west sideYes12-Jun11-Aug10194761CC
17House, 306 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachYes12-JunUNK10800UNKCC
18Flamingo Motel 15525 FBRNo13-JunUNK841UNKUNKCC
19Fontainbleau Terrace, 14401 Front Beach RdYes14-Jun12-Aug128959560CC
20Inn Paradise Motel, 15727 Front Beach RdYes14-Jun18-Aug99939066CC
21Watercrest Condo, 6201 Thomas DrYes17-Jun17-Aug116104>3662CC
22House, 22115 Front Beach RdNo17-Jun17-Aug123332761CC
23Treasure Island Condo, 5004 Thomas DrNo28-JunUNK500UNKCC
24House, 22107 Front Beach RdNo30-JunUNKUNKUNK0UNKCC
25Seahaven Beach Hotel, 15285 Front Beach RdNo1-JulUNK1200UNKCC
26Continental Condo, 15413 Front Beach RdNo2-JulUNK31100UNKCC
27House, 20633 Front Beach RdYes3-Jul4-Sep124118564CC
28House, 19989 Front Beach RdYes4-Jul4-Sep6337063CC
29House, 21302 Front Beach RdNo4-JulUNKUNKUNK0UNKCC
30Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo4-JulUNKUNKUNK0UNKCC
31House, 13001 Oleander DrNo5-JulUNK1100UNKCC
32House, 14210 Front Beach Rd (near Fontainebleau)Yes9-Jul16-Sep107958970CC
33Moonspinner Condo, 4425 Thomas DrYes11-JulUNK9500UNKCC
34House, 21320 Front Beach RdNo11-JulUNKUNKUNK0UNKCC
35House, 338 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo12-JulUNK9600UNKCC
36House, 17793 Front Beach RdYes13-JulUNK9900UNKCC
37Ramsgate Condo, 23011 FBRNo19-JulUNKUNKUNK0UNKCC
38Paradise Palms Motel, 12907 Front Beach RdNo31-JulUNKUNKUNK0UNKCC
39Townhouse, 22319 Front Beach RdYes31-Jul11-Oct7043UNK73CC
40Sterling Reef Condo, 12011 Front Beach RdYes19-JunUNK8500UNKDC
41House, 20635 Front Beach RdNo15-JulUNKUNK00UNKDC