Nest information for the 2018 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found. Map symbols courtesy of Maps Icon Collection

NestAddressMovedDate LaidDate HatchedEggs LaidTurtles EmergedDisorientedIncubation (days)Species
1Largo Mar Condo, 5717 Thomas DrNo15-May-18UNKUNK00UNKCC
2House, 330 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo18-May-1829-Jul-1814492073CC
3Blue Horizon Retreat, 19016 Front Beach RdNo25-May-18UNK10300UNKCC
4Townhouse, 17327 Front Beach RdNo27-May-18UNKUNK00UNKCC
5Chateau Motel, 12525 Front Beach RdNo29-May-18UNK000UNKCC
6Emerald Isles Condo, 17545 Front Beach RdNo30-May-1829-Jul-181081059061CC
7Sterling Reef Condo, 12011 Front Beach RdNo1-Jun-187-Aug-1898989868CC
8Edgewater Beach Resort, 11212 Front Beach RdNo2-Jun-182-Aug-1811410510162CC
9House, 21715 Front Beach RdNo2-Jun-185-Aug-1879564964CC
10Townhouse, 8015 Surf DrNo2-Jun-183-Aug-1811187063CC
11House, 13223 Oleander DrNo3-Jun-1831-Jul-189995059CC
12Harpoon Harry's, 12627 Front Beach RdNo3-Jun-1829-Jul-181331257257CC
13Townhouse, 8515 Surf DrNo3-Jun-185-Aug-1811810210264CC
14Townhouse, 7719 Surf DrNo4-Jun-185-Aug-1898968263CC
15House, 5309 Gulf DrNo7-Jun-186-Aug-18108626161CC
16Townhouse, 19616 Front Beach RdNo7-Jun-1810-Aug-1878656565CC
17Shores Townhomes, 22519 Front Beach RdNo9-Jun-18UNK9788UNKUNKCC
18Sugar Sands Motel, 20723 Front Beach RdNo12-Jun-1811-Aug-1896949461CC
19House, 19985 Front Beach Rd No12-Jun-1820-Aug-1810441UNK70CC
20Sterling Reef Condo, 12011 Front Beach RdNo13-Jun-1815-Aug-1881696964CC
21Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo14-Jun-1813-Aug-1879705460CC
22Townhouse, 22409 Front Beach RdNo14-Jun-1821-Aug-186713069CC
23Pirate Cove Villas, 23001 Front Beach RdNo14-Jun-1817-Aug-185956065CC
24Aquavista Condo, 17155 Front Beach RdNo19-Jun-1814-Aug-18104393757CC
25House, 13103 Oleander DrNo20-Jun-1816-Aug-1883684858CC
26Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo23-Jun-1816-Aug-18134131555CC
27Fontainebleau Terrace, 14401 Front Beach RdNo24-Jun-1823-Aug-1891787861CC
28Beachside West Townhomes, 17927 Front Beach RdNo24-Jun-1831-Aug-1892888869CC
29Townhouse, 22319 Front Beach RdNo25-Jun-1828-Aug-18125331564CC
30Holiday Inn, 17001 Front Beach RdNo26-Jun-18UNK10400UNKCC
31Sandpiper Beacon Resort, 17403 Front Beach RdNo26-Jun-1830-Aug-1811711066CC
32Splash Condo, 17739 Front Beach RdNo30-Jun-18UNK11200UNKCC
33House, 20623 Front Beach RdNo3-Jul-18UNK15400UNKCC
34House, 22105 Front Beach RdNo3-Jul-18UNK7210UNKCC
35Beachside Resort, 21905 Front Beach RdNo6-Jul-18UNKUNK00UNKCC
36Majestic Beach Resort, 10901 Front Beach RdNo8-Jul-184-Sep-1810421058CC
37Thomas Donut & Snack Shop, 19208 Front Beach RdNo11-Jul-18UNKUNK00UNKCC
38Sterling Beach Condo, 6627 Thomas DrNo15-Jul-18UNK12000UNKCC
39Ramsgate Condo, 23011 Front Beach RdNo15-Jul-18UNKUNK00UNKCC
40House, 9820 Beach BlvdNo16-Jul-18UNK12800UNKCC
41Princess Condo, 6415 Thomas DrNo18-Jul-18UNK10100UNKCC
42Pirate Cove Villas, 23001 Front Beach RdNo18-Jul-18UNK9000UNKCC
43House, 5605 Gulf DrNo19-Jul-18UNK1900UNKCC
44Shores Townhomes, 22519 Front Beach RdYes22-Jul-1825-Sep-188769665CC
45Seascape Inn, 14929 Front Beach RdNo31-Jul-18UNK000UNKCC
46House, 338 Beachside Dr, Carillon BeachNo3-Aug-18UNK000UNKCC
47Townhouse, 22401 Front Beach RdNoUNK10-Aug-18UNKUNK13UNKCC