Nest information for the 2019 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found. Table includes date laid, date hatched, eggs laid, hatchlings emerged, number disoriented by lights, and species (Cc=loggerhead, Cm=green, Dc=leatherback, UNK=unknown).

NestAddressMovedDate LaidDate HatchedEggs LaidTurtles EmergedDisorientedIncubation (days)Species
1Ramsgate Condo, 23011 Front Beach RdNo18-May-19UNK6330UNKCC
2House, 4919 Spyglass DrNo22-May-1923-Jul-19124120063CC
3House, 5141 Gulf DrNo23-May-19UNKUNK00UNKDC
4Ramsgate Condo, 23011 Front Beach RdNo28-May-1929-Jul-1986343462CC
5House, 19620 Front Beach RdNo31-May-19UNK820UNKUNKDC
6Blue Horizon Retreat, 19016 Front Beach RdNo3-Jun-19UNKUNK00UNKCC
7Mariner East Condo, 6211 Thomas DrNo4-Jun-19UNK10700UNKCC
8Palm Grove Motel, 14513 Front Beach RdNo5-Jun-19UNK10000UNKCC
9Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach RdNo5-Jun-19UNKUNK00UNKCC
10House, 13007 Oleander DrNo6-Jun-1931-Jul-1990676755CC
11Shores Townhouses, 22519 Front Beach RdNo6-Jun-19UNKUNK00UNKCC
12Emerald Beach Resort, 14700 Front Beach RdNo7-Jun-19UNKUNK00UNKCC
13Shores Townhouses, 22519 Front Beach RdNo10-Jun-197-Aug-1910529059CC
14Long Beach Resort, 10511 Front Beach RdNo15-Jun-19UNK10100UNKDC
15Calypso Resort, 15817 Front Beach RdNo15-Jun-1917-Aug-191233UNK63CC
16Tropic Winds Condo, 17643 Front Beach RdNo15-Jun-19UNKUNK00UNKCC
17Grandview Condo, 10719 Front Beach RdNo18-Jun-1921-Aug-19102313165CC
18Shores Townhouses, 22519 Front Beach RdNo18-Jun-19UNK8900UNKCC
19House, 5415 Gulf DrNo22-Jun-1925-Aug-1962191765CC
20Gulf Crest Condo, 8715 Surf DrNo23-Jun-19UNK7474UNKUNKCC
21House, 8205 Surf DrNo24-Jun-19UNK11211UNKUNKCC
22Beachside Resort, 21905 Front Beach RdNo25-Jun-1925-Aug-1913711211262CC
23Russell-Fields City Pier, 16201 Front Beach RdNo28-Jun-1930-Aug-1985444464CC
24Townhouse, 21000 Front Beach RdNo29-Jun-1931-Aug-198374064CC
25House, 19612 Front Beach RdNo1-Jul-194-Sep-1991303066CC
26Nautical Watch Villa, 6205 Thomas DrNo3-Jul-19UNK11200UNKCC
27Landmark Condo, 17501 Front Beach RdNo8-Jul-19UNKUNK00UNKCC
28Spinnaker Beach Club, 8795 Thomas DrNo9-Jul-19UNK7700UNKCC
29Commodore Condo, 4715 Thomas DrNo9-Jul-19UNK751UNKUNKCC
30House, 19907 Front Beach RdNo10-Jul-19UNKUNK00UNKDC
31Flamingo Motel, 15525 Front Beach RdNo11-Jul-19UNKUNK00UNKCC
32Carousel Store, 19440 Front Beach RdNo12-Jul-19UNK10400UNKCC
33House, 13904 Front Beach RdNo13-Jul-19UNK7200UNKCC
34House, 8312 Surf DrNo16-Jul-1914-Sep-19111101060CC
35Gulf Crest Condo, 8715 Surf DrNo20-Jul-1911-Sep-19101953754CC
36House, 5407 Gulf DrNo20-Jul-1913-Sep-1912689055CC
37Dunes of Panama Condo, 7205 Thomas DrNo22-Jul-1917-Sep-1982343458CC
38House, 21200 Front Beach RdNo22-Jul-19UNKUNK00UNKCM
39Townhouse, 17195 Front Beach RdNo25-Jul-1921-Sep-19
40House, 13401 Oleander DrNo29-Jul-1922-Sep-1911710610656CC
41Seachase Condo, 17351 Front Beach RdNo29-Jul-1929-Sep-1981747463CC
42Vacant lot, 19935 Front Beach RdNo29-Jul-1930-Sep-1986818064CC
43Holiday Inn Express, 12907 Front Beach RdNo1-Aug-1927-Sep-1914112611357CM
44Twin Palms Resort, 10519 Front Beach RdYes14-Aug-195-Oct-19114969353CC
45House, 13223 Oleander DrNo16-Aug-1914-Oct-19114104859CM
46Casa Loma Motel, 13615 Front Beach RdNo28-Aug-1922-Oct-19141137455CM
47Moonspinner Condo, 4425 Thomas DrNoUNK5-Sep-19129119119UNKCC