Half way with over 2K Hatchlings

We are thrilled to have reached our 2022 half way point!

Of our 44 nests we have had 22 of them hatch, all loggerhead so far. Our volunteers and surveyors have been hard at work checking for hatchlings of which we have accounted for over 2100 hatchlings! The majority of our hatches have experienced disorientation meaning the turtles did not head to the water, they went in the wrong direction where they will waste valuable energy. When we find this happening, we collect the hatchlings and take them to a dark beach to release them into the Gulf.

You can do your part to help by turning off exterior lights, closing blinds to limit interior light visible from the beach and keep the beach clean and flat.

We have also been conducting excavations per our FWC permit where we have experienced good success rate. If you are a Facebook user, tune into our page Panama City Beach Turtle Watch to check out our live coverage of excavations. Better yet, join us in person and get a chance to see hatched eggs, unhatched eggs and possibly a live hatchling that may still be in the chamber.

Lights cause disorientation (MTP-271)

Hatchlings found during an excavation, later released into the Gulf (MTP-038)