Our Panama City Beach Turtle Watch program contributes our nesting and hatching data to FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute as they track the Florida sea turtle nesting. So far the 2022 Sea Turtle nesting season is going well both local to PCB and statewide! We have marked 44 nests this year so far and still checking through mid September for any new nests. We are well into our hatching season, stay tuned to our counter to see it continue to increase, especially for hatchlings!

Recently FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute shared:

“How’s the 2022 sea turtle nesting season going in Florida?
GOOD NEWS! Preliminary statewide totals for sea turtles nesting on Florida beaches indicate the 2022 nesting season is very good for loggerhead and leatherback turtles. As of July 31st, 111,851 loggerhead nests and 1756 leatherback nests have been documented, these numbers are higher than the entire 2021 nesting season! It looks like the same forecast is also in store for the green turtle nest count with 24,577 nests as of July 31st, and we still have two months of heavy green turtle nesting ahead.
Thanks to all the FWRI partners involved in an outstanding community science effort to document sea turtle nesting activity statewide!”

2022 PCB Nest 44, a Green nest