Hatching season update

Surveyor Angela Barros found this loggerhead hatchling at a Surf Drive nest that hatched last night. Angela made sure the little straggler reached the water safely. The hatching season is past the halfway point with about 18 more nests expected to hatch before our season ends in October. This afternoon (9/14) at 5:30 pm, we will excavate another hatched nest at Gulf Crest Condo, 8715 Surf Drive, public access 24. See our Facebook page for dates of all public excavations, and please join us if you can!

Another green nest!

Another green nest was found this morning, our fourth of the season! So far only 9 of our 46 nests have hatched, but activity should pick up in the coming weeks as nests that were laid after Hurricane Barry begin to hatch. Please call the Beach Police at 850-233-5000 if you see nesting or hatchling turtles on Panama City Beach. Please do not shine lights or take flash photos while turtles are on the beach.

Season update

We’re up to 45 nests including our third green nest found this morning! If you see nesting or hatchling turtles on Panama City Beach, immediately call the Beach Police at 850-233-5000, and Turtle Watch volunteers will be contacted. Please do not shine lights or take flash photos while turtles are on the beach.

Hatching season underway!

Woohoo, hatching season has begun! A loggerhead nest at 4919 Spyglass Dr hatched this week and will be excavated Saturday July 27 at 5:30 pm. We will post dates and locations of all nest excavations on our Facebook page, so please check the link at bottom of this page for more info. As a reminder, we “excavate” nests 3-4 days after hatching as required by our state permit. We count hatched egg shells, unhatched eggs, and release any live hatchlings still in the nest (don’t always find live turtles).

Hurricane Barry

High surf from the hurricane flooded all of our nests and washed away seven. Hatching success will be reduced at the remaining nests, but we still expect some to hatch. On a positive note, turtles will continue to lay nests through August, with the possibility of 5-10 more. Please call the Beach Police at 850-233-5000 if you see nesting turtles or hatchlings on Panama City Beach.

Season update

Nesting season is nearing the halfway point with 19 loggerhead and 3 leatherback nests currently on Panama City Beach. These nests should begin hatching toward the end of July. Report turtle encounters immediately to the Beach Police at 850-233-5000.

Another leatherback!

We found our third leatherback nest Saturday morning, this turtle encountered by volunteers after someone saw her nesting before sunrise and called Beach Police 850-233-5000. Surveyors also found two more loggerhead nests this weekend, bringing our total to 16 nests and 19 false crawls.

Daytime nester

Surveyor Jennifer Sullivan got a treat this morning when she encountered this nesting loggerhead, our 11th of the season. Nesting is running above average, and we’re looking forward to seeing this turtle again. Please call the Beach Police at 850-233-5000 if you spot a nesting turtle.

Leatherback encounter!

Turtle Watcher Angela Barros encountered this beautiful leatherback turtle last night on Panama City Beach while accompanying cleaning crews enforcing our Leave No Trace ordinance. Angela used a FLIR infrared camera emitting no light during her work under FWC Consent Permit 19-038-1 and funded by the Bay County Tourist Development Council. Please help us by not using lights of any kind in the presence of sea turtles, take your stuff off the beach at night (tents, umbrellas, chairs), and immediately call the Beach Police 850-233-5000 to report nesting turtles. We’ve found five nests so far, including two made by endangered leatherbacks.

First nest!

Hooray, our first nest was found this morning by surveyor Vanessa Wilson! It was made by a loggerhead, the most common turtle nesting on our beaches. We’re continuing the practice from last year of not reporting nest locations to protect them from harm. We will invite the public to nest excavations performed to determine hatching success. Nest locations will be posted on our Facebook page as they hatch, starting in late July or August when the hatching season begins. We hope you can join us!