Shorebird chicks

While we don’t have any hatchlings on our beach just yet we wanted to take a moment to point out there are shorebird chicks in the area!

For years now, Panama City Beach has been chosen as a nesting grounds by Federal and State protected Least Terns and Black Skimmers.  These nesting shorebirds who have traveled many miles to get here like many of you.  They primarily nest in the same area of the beach annually and those areas are marked and protected by FWC Shorebird Monitors.  Chicks commonly wander outside of posted nesting areas and are thus vulnerable to any type of activity taking place nearby. Please watch your step near these sites, and never enter the posted areas. If you’re being dive bombed, you’re too close!

Photos taken with a telephoto lens and then cropped

Shorebird Nesting Area marked for protection on PCB

Black skimmer adults and (flightless) chicks
Least tern adults and (flightless) chicks