High surf from Tropical Storm Cristobal washed away 7 of the 13 loggerhead nests found thus far on Panama City Beach. The remaining six nests were severely flooded but may still hatch later this summer, depending on how long the eggs were submerged. The season is still young, and we expect more nests to be laid in the coming weeks.

Good start

Our season is off to a good start with loggerhead nesting running well above average for this early stage of the season. We’ve found 12 nests so far, and surveyor Secret Holmes got to see her second loggerhead on the beach, a rare sight for these typically nocturnal nesters.

First Nest!

Our first loggerhead nest was found yesterday on Panama City Beach, and our surveyor got to see her laying eggs! Sea turtles mostly nest at night, so this was a special treat.

Surveys Underway

We are underway! Sea turtle monitoring started May 1 on a beautiful cold, clear morning on Panama City Beach. We’ll provide updates soon on changes to our monitoring this season due to the pandemic. Meantime, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and please take care of each other.

See you next year!

2019 was a good year with above-average nesting and increased species diversity with loggerheads, greens, and leatherbacks all laying nests on our beach. The History link above has hatching results of all nests. Picture of green hatchling entering Gulf at nest 46 courtesy of Angela Barros, PCB Turtle Watch. See you in 2020!

Pumpkin Patch Party!

Turtle Watchers gathered with our friends from Audubon and FWC for our annual group photo and party, this year in the pumpkin patch at Camp Helen State Park. We had a good season for sea turtles and shorebirds on Panama City Beach, thanks to the efforts of these dedicated volunteers and biologists. Two green turtle nests remain on the beach and will be monitored through October. We’ll provide a summary of nesting and hatching at season’s end.

Season winding down

Three viable nests (1 loggerhead, 2 greens) remain on the beach and should hatch by the end of October. A recent excavation of a hatched green nest at the Holiday Inn Express revealed this little straggler, released shortly after this picture and now swimming in the Gulf. Check our Facebook page for information on upcoming nest excavations.

Hatching season update

Surveyor Angela Barros found this loggerhead hatchling at a Surf Drive nest that hatched last night. Angela made sure the little straggler reached the water safely. The hatching season is past the halfway point with about 18 more nests expected to hatch before our season ends in October. This afternoon (9/14) at 5:30 pm, we will excavate another hatched nest at Gulf Crest Condo, 8715 Surf Drive, public access 24. See our Facebook page for dates of all public excavations, and please join us if you can!

Another green nest!

Another green nest was found this morning, our fourth of the season! So far only 9 of our 46 nests have hatched, but activity should pick up in the coming weeks as nests that were laid after Hurricane Barry begin to hatch. Please call the Beach Police at 850-233-5000 if you see nesting or hatchling turtles on Panama City Beach. Please do not shine lights or take flash photos while turtles are on the beach.

Season update

We’re up to 45 nests including our third green nest found this morning! If you see nesting or hatchling turtles on Panama City Beach, immediately call the Beach Police at 850-233-5000, and Turtle Watch volunteers will be contacted. Please do not shine lights or take flash photos while turtles are on the beach.