When will a nest hatch?

“When will a nest hatch?” This is one of our most commonly asked questions. So here’s some info that may help.
Nesting season begins in May and we number the nests as we find them. So…they should hatch roughly in the order that they were found. So far nests 1-4 have hatched, so we’ll be watching for other low numbered nests to hatch soon. And then it will take several weeks for the higher numbered nests to hatch.
Currently we expect hatching to occur through early October as we continue to find new nests including Nest 43 laid by a loggerhead overnight last night.

The FWC permit we operate under doesn’t allow us to release nest locations, date laid or any kind of prediction on when it will hatch. We will announce on Facebook (Panama City Beach Turtle Watch) when a nest has hatched and an excavation is scheduled. Or if it doesn’t hatch (possible if inundated with water for nests close to the surf), we’ll announce that as well. So if you see a nest on the beach and you want to know the results, note the nest number and stay tuned to our Facebook page.

Remember, if you see a nesting sea turtle or a hatchling on the beach and PCB TW volunteers aren’t present, please call PCB non-emergency police at 850-233-5000 and they will get in touch with our volunteers.

Volunteers prepare to begin an excavation as part of MTP-038

A hatched nest as seen during a night visit under MTP-271