Hatching and nesting activity!

We have had our first successful loggerhead hatch this season (nest 2) and we continue to find new nests with the latest being another green nest!

We are up to 39 nests so far this season with 32 loggerheads and 7 greens.

On our beaches here in the panhandle, average incubation is about 2 months.  With hatching season starting we expect to see more nests hatch in the coming weeks.  We don’t announce the nest locations nor when they may hatch but be aware we number the nests as we find them.  We will announce the public excavations when they are scheduled following a hatch.

If you are lucky enough to see a nesting turtle, a nest hatching or hatchlings on the beach and our volunteers aren’t present, please call PCB non-emergency police at 850-233-5000 with the nest number/location so our volunteers can respond.  Please do not use any light or flash photography as it disorients the turtles.

On behalf of the sea turtles and everyone who visits our beaches, we appreciate you keeping our beaches Clean, Dark and Flat!

Volunteers marking a green nest
Volunteers marking a green nest
Excavation of nest 2 revealed 15 hatched eggs
Excavation of nest 2 revealed 15 hatched eggs (conducted under MTP-038)