Nesting on Record Pace!

Volunteers Rich and Isis Koenders were busy last weekend protecting four loggerhead nests, and this week started with another nest marked by volunteers Jessica Graham and Kim Christian. Our current total of 14 loggerhead nests sets a new record at this early stage of the season! If you see a nesting turtle on Panama City Beach, immediately call the Beach Police at 850-233-5000 and Turtle Watch volunteers will respond.


Subtropical Storm Alberto washed away two nests on Memorial Day, but thankfully Alberto’s impact was small since only four nests were on the beach when the storm hit. We currently have six nests, all loggerheads.

On the board!

We’re on the board with our first nest of the season! It’s a loggerhead nest at Largo Mar Condo on Thomas Dr, found this morning by surveyor Secret Holmes-Douglas and volunteers Erica Rodgers and Angela Barros. Hooray!!!

TW on the job

Sea turtle season started today, and our survey team is on the job! If you spot a nesting turtle on Panama City Beach, please call the Beach Police at 850-233-5000, and they will forward your report to Turtle Watch. Remember not to shine lights on the turtle or take flash photos. We’re looking forward to another exciting season!