Volunteers are busy with nests hatching!

We have crossed the 1K mark for hatchlings so far this season!

We have had 12 nests hatch producing 1130 hatchlings so far!

Many of these nests have been disoriented meaning the hatchlings go towards the artificial lights instead of the Gulf of Mexico. We appreciate our volunteers for the many hours they dedicate to our nests during hatching season. They spend a lot of time in the dark and have paperwork to fill out following a hatch to help us document hatch behavior and disorientation occurrences.

During our hatching season, we should all remember the moto Clean, Dark and Flat. These are ways we can help these hatchlings reach the water quickly so they can begin their journey!

Volunteers filling out paperwork post hatch of a disoriented nest. Courtesy of Joyce, a beach goer lucky enough to witness the hatch and our volunteer’s efforts