Nest information for the 2017 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found. Map symbols courtesy of Maps Icon Collection

NestAddressDate LaidDate HatchedEggs Laid / Turtles EmergedIncubation (days)Comments
1House, 20816 Front Beach Rd5/18FailedFailedFailedWashed away by TS Cindy on 6/21
2Mariner West Condo, 6213 Thomas Dr5/19not yetWashed out, moved 70 eggs to dune
3House, 21605 Front Beach Rd, Access 865/29not yetNest located just west of public access 86
4Mariner West Condo, 6213 Thomas Dr6/3not yetTurtle blocked by lounge chairs. Washed out, moved 21 eggs to dune
5Largo Mar Condo, 5717 Thomas Dr, access 116/3FailedFailedFailedTurtle blocked by lounge chairs. Washed away by TS Cindy on 6/21
6House, 358 Beachside Dr, Carillon Beach6/10not yetNest just west of Access 1
7Commodore Condo, 4715 Thomas Dr6/17not yetWashed out, moved 10 eggs to dune
8House, 8401 Surf Dr, access 206/18FailedFailedFailedWashed away by TS Cindy on 6/21
9House, 22107 Front Beach Rd, access 926/18not yet
10Townhouse, 5920 Gulf Dr6/22not yetNest just west of Regency Condo