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Date Laid

Monitor Start or Hatch Date

Eggs Laid/
Turtles Emerged

Incubation Time (Days)



Pineapple Beach Villas, 19979 Front Beach Rd (FBR)

June 9

Aug 14



This nest was laid in the area covered by the new lighting ordinance (yeah!!), which is why the nest was marked with stakes but not caged.  The turtle laid 132 eggs close to the water, and Betsy and Roger Straley moved them to a higher elevation for protection.  Unfortunately, all of the hatchlings were disoriented by lights but were rescued by Turtle Watch volunteers and released at Sunnyside.


Moonspinner Condo, 4225 Thomas Dr

June 14

Aug 26



This nest was laid in an area undergoing beach nourishment, so the eggs were moved to Sunnyside Beach for protection. The new location is near the intersection of Front Beach Rd and 4th St, between Exits M and N.  Girl Scout Troop 89 adopted this nest.


Rick Seltzer County Park, just west of Dunes of Panama Condo, 7205 Thomas Dr

June 16

Aug 25



Jeff Krepper and Jason Dickey caged this nest because the lighting ordinance does not apply to the Thomas Drive area.  We almost lost the nest to Tropical Storm Bill on July 1 when heavy surf exposed the nest and washed away several eggs.  Diane Wetherbee and James Gardner salvaged 107 eggs and reburied them at a higher location on the beach at Rick Seltzer County Park.  Patronis Elementary 3rd grade students attended the excavation of this nest.


Panama City Resort and Club, 16709 FBR

June 25

Aug 13



This small nest was laid close to the water and was relocated by Bob Gilmore and Diane Wetherbee. Take public access to east of Beachcomber and walk east about 80 paces.


House at 516 Beachside Dr, "Doodlebug Cottage", Carillon Beach, nest moved near Shangri-La cottage at 406 Beachside Dr

June 26

Aug 26



Another small nest laid close to the water.  The turtle laid only 85 eggs (110 is the average), and three of the eggs were very small, probably infertile. 


House at 13215 Oleander St

June 30

Aug 18



Our turtles are nesting close to the water this year.  James Gardner and Diane Wetherbee moved 116 eggs to a higher location.  Use pulic access #30 to the east of 13215 Oleander and go right when you hit the beach.


Commodore Condo, 4715 Thomas Dr

July 15

Sep 3



This is the second nest laid in the area of a beach nourishment project near St. Andrews Park.  Annette DeSercey and Paul Gicewicz moved 87 eggs to Sunnyside Beach, about 30 ft from Nest #2.


Panama City Resort and Club, 16709 FBR

July 22

Sep 9



This nest is close to #4.


House at 292 Beachside Dr, "Lynn's Inn", Carillon Beach

Aug 3

Sep 21



Our second nest at Carillon Beach this season.  It is west of #5.


Sunnyside Beach near intersection of Front Beach Rd and 4th St

Aug 15

Oct 4



This turtle laid her eggs next to Turtle Watch volunteers Wendy Gierhart and Brad Smith, who were checking a nearby nest for hatchlings on the night of Aug 15.  These lucky volunteers got to see entire egg-laying event!

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