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Three days after a nest has hatched, Turtle Watch volunteers excavate the nest to determine how many eggs hatched and to release any hatchlings that might be trapped in the nest.  Students from classes that have adopted a nest are invited to the excavation.  To adopt a nest, the teacher should send the request to TurtleWatch with reference to the nest number, making sure that the nest has not already been adopted.  The number of students for the field trip should not exceed 25.  You will have only two days notice of an excavation, so your schedule needs to be flexible.  It is also important for the students to understand that the nests may be damaged by Mother Nature.  Please do not adopt a nest otherwise.  Prior to the field trip, we highly recommend that the class view the Audubon video "Homeward Journey" describing the life history of sea turtles.  Other curriculum supplements on sea turtles are available in the S.O.A.R. materials distributed to local elementary schools by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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