Nest information for the 2017 season is documented here, listed in the order the nests were found. Map symbols courtesy of Maps Icon Collection

NestAddressDate LaidDate HatchedEggs Laid / Turtles EmergedIncubation (days)Comments
1House, 20816 Front Beach Rd5/18FailedFailedFailedWashed away by TS Cindy on 6/21
2Mariner West Condo, 6213 Thomas Dr5/19not yetWashed out, moved 70 eggs to dune
3House, 21605 Front Beach Rd, Access 865/29not yetNest located just west of public access 86
4Mariner West Condo, 6213 Thomas Dr6/3not yetTurtle blocked by lounge chairs. Washed out, moved 21 eggs to dune
5Largo Mar Condo, 5717 Thomas Dr, access 116/3FailedFailedFailedTurtle blocked by lounge chairs. Washed away by TS Cindy on 6/21
6House, 358 Beachside Dr, Carillon Beach6/10not yetNest just west of Access 1
7Commodore Condo, 4715 Thomas Dr6/17not yetWashed out, moved 10 eggs to dune
8House, 8401 Surf Dr, access 206/18FailedFailedFailedWashed away by TS Cindy on 6/21
9House, 22107 Front Beach Rd, access 926/18not yet
10Townhouse, 5920 Gulf Dr6/22not yetNest just west of Regency Condo
11Top of Gulf Condo, 8817 Thomas Dr6/22not yetGot to tag this turtle after she nested!
12House, 8408 Surf Dr, access 206/24not yetTurtle nested in dune, safe from storms!
13Oceanna Condo, 8000 Surf Dr6/24not yetPublic access on east side of condo
14House, 8404 Surf Dr, access 206/25not yetTurtle disoriented after nesting, volunteers helped
15Moonspinner Condo, 4425 Thomas Dr6/26not yet
16House, 20816 Front Beach Rd6/26not yetNest near posted bird nesting area
17Sterling Reef Condo, 12011 Front Beach Rd6/27not yet
18Boardwalk Beach Resort, 9600 S. Thomas Dr6/27FailedFailedFailedWashed away by runoff from storm drain
19Hidden Dunes Condo, 7115 Thomas Dr6/27not yet
20House, 5421 Gulf Dr6/27not yet4th nest today for Nancy Evou and volunteers Ron and JoAnn!!
21Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach Rd6/28not yetNest behind Bld C3
22Sterling Beach Condo, 6627 Thomas Dr, access 12A6/29not yet
23Thomas Donut Shop, 19208 Front Beach Rd7/2not yet
24Largo Mar Condo, 5717 Thomas Dr, access 117/2not yet
25House, 16513 Front Beach Rd, access 627/4not yet
26Holiday Terrace Motel, 11831 Front Beach Rd7/4not yet
27House, 17485 Front Beach Rd7/4not yetLeatherback nest! Our first since 2015
28Bel Air Condo, 8515 Surf Dr, access 227/4not yet
29Hooters, 12907 Front Beach Rd7/5not yet
30House, 22013 Front Beach Rd, access 897/5not yet
31Townhouse, 13407 Oleander Dr, access 507/6not yet
32House, 14210 Front Beach Rd, Bid-a-Wee access 67/7not yet
33Pirate Cove Villas, 23001 Front Beach Rd, access 957/8not yet
34Beachcomber, 17101 Front Beach Rd7/10not yet
35House, 21014 Front Beach Rd, Sunnyside Beach7/11not yet
36House, 318 Beachside Dr, Carillon Beach7/11not yet
37Palmetto Inn, 17255 Front Beach Rd7/13not yetOur 2nd leatherback nest of the season!
38Portside Resort, 17620 Front Beach Rd7/13not yetOur 3rd leatherback nest of the season!
39House, 358 Beachside Dr, Carillon Beach7/14not yet
40House, 19104 Front Beach Rd7/16not yet
41House, 21511 Front Beach Rd, access 86, GREEN7/16not yetOur first green nest since 2013!
42Treasure Island Cond, 5004 Thomas Dr7/17not yet
43Townhouse, 17867 Front Beach Rd7/18not yet
44Moonspinner Condo, 4425 Thomas Dr7/18not yet
45Beachside Resort, 21905 Front Beach Rd, access 887/18not yet
46Pinnacle Port Condo, 23223 Front Beach Rd7/18not yet
47House, 322 Beachside Dr, Carillon Beach7/22not yetOur 4th leatherback nest!
48Townhouse, 22331 Front Beach Rd, access 937/23not yet