Nest 6 at Carillon Beach hatched last night, and the hatchlings were disoriented by lights from nearby development. Tracks show that most eventually made it to the water, although some were lost to predators. Beachfront lighting is a serious threat to sea turtles on Panama City Beach. You can help by minimizing use of lights on the beach at night and ensuring your beachfront home or condo is compliant with our local lighting ordinance.

Surveyor Tina Buddi found nest 56 this morning near Pier Park. This loggerhead nest sets the record for highest annual sea turtle nesting on Panama City Beach since monitoring began in 1991!

Surveyor Nancy Evou found our fourth green nest this morning at Laguna Beach near the Carousel! Also found another loggerhead nest!

Nest 53 was found this week at the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat. Volunteers got to see the turtle, and Nancy Evou installed metal identification tags in the front flippers. Please remember not to shine lights or take flash photos of a nesting turtle. Call Beach Police 850-233-5000 to report nesting turtles on Panama City Beach.

Two green nests were found this morning on the west end by surveyor Ron White and volunteers Rich and Isis Koenders. This brings our total to 51, consisting of 44 loggerhead, 4 leatherback, and 3 greens!

A leatherback nest was found this morning at Carillon Beach by surveyor Tina Buddi and volunteers Christy Henderson and Erica Rodgers. This marks our 47th nest and fourth leatherback nest of the season!

A threatened green turtle nested on the west end last night, our first since 2013! It’s also the first time we’ve had nesting by three species of turtles – loggerheads, leatherbacks, and greens – during the same season. Congrats to volunteers Jessica Graham and Annette DeSercey who had an eventful week and surveyor Tina Buddi who found our green nest, located just west of Sunnyside Beach.

Two leatherback turtles laid nests on Panama City Beach last night! The turtles were observed nesting by a number of bystanders, and several Turtle Watchers arrived to mark the nests, including Nancy Evou, Tina Buddi, Jessica Graham, and Annette DeSercey. Our most recent loggerhead nest was found this morning at Carillon Beach. We’re up to 36 loggerhead and 3 leatherback nests.

We’re on pace for another record nesting season! The week has just started and we’ve already found three loggerhead nests, located at Beachcomber by the Sea, Sunnyside Beach, and Carillon Beach on the west end.

Our most recent nest (#32) was found this morning near the Fontainebleau Terrace, marked by volunteers Jeni and Mary Lynne. You can help us by not shining lights or taking flash photos of a nesting turtle. Immediately call the Beach Police 850-233-5000 if you see a nesting sea turtle on Panama City Beach.