Turtles have been busy since the storm with 3 more nests (two on Surf Drive and one near Club La Vela). Volunteers got to see the La Vela turtle, and Nancy Evou installed metal identification tags in the front flippers. Please remember not to shine lights or take flash photos of a nesting turtle. Call Beach Police 850-233-5000 to report nesting turtles on Panama City Beach.

Tropical Storm Cindy came ashore June 21 with high waves flooding the beach. Three nests were completely washed away (1, 5, 8), two were partially washed out (4, 7) with a few salvaged eggs moved to dune, and three were flooded but intact (3, 6, 9). Now for some good news. Nest 10 was found this morning near the Regency Condo!

Three loggerhead nests were found this weekend including one exciting nighttime encounter at the Commodore Condo on Thomas Drive. Volunteers Jadwiga Tabaka and Jeff Krepper got to see the turtle covering her eggs and returning to the water. Nesting is picking up!

Nesting is off to a slow start this year. Our most recent nest was found last weekend at Carillon Beach by surveyor Scott Armstrong and volunteers Rich and Isis Koenders. Nesting activity should increase soon.

Nests 4 and 5 were found yesterday in the Thomas Drive area by surveyor Tina Buddi and volunteers Annette and Jessica. These turtles found nesting spots only after maneuvering through an obstacle course of wooden beach chairs. Vendor-owned chairs are exempt from our Leave No Trace Ordinance. These chairs should be moved off the beach at night to protect nesting turtles.